Ink Games team - next steps

Some things that need clarity

We are building up our teams/network within the dormant portal to allow us to dominate the competitions when it is opened in December 2020

No money upfront, no monthly dues, it costs nothing to sign up, it will never require you to buy anything to stay on the teams and within the network.

The competitions will yield us products and gaming gear and we need to identify each team member and the games they are strongest at.

The team goal

Additional Information

The platform is an invite-only platform.  The reason we want to build out the teams concept is so that everyone has the ability to build their personal network while positioning themselves for the long term commissions that can result in being paid to play. 

The portal is live in December 2020.  The teams will be the Super Stars of the Ingram Interactive Organization.  

Tournament challenges, Ink Game gear prizes, Preferred product pricing are many of the perks that we will be sharing with the winning teams.

Ink Games Team

Important information

Here is information for both Ink Games and Ingram Interactive Teams

INK Games™ Technology Deck V1-2 (pdf)


Ink Games Explained (pdf)


InkGames™ Team (pdf)


Ink Games Intro step 1

10 Teams to launch the platform in December 2020