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Ingram Interactive specializes in empowering automotive businesses through targeted training solutions. From sales to service, we’re dedicated to fueling your dealership’s growth and success. Partner with us and unlock your full potential in the automotive industry.


Ingram Interactive: Pioneering Automotive Sales and Service Excellence

Welcome to Ingram Interactive, where transformative training meets the heart of automotive excellence. As industry-renowned leaders in automotive sales and service training, we’ve dedicated ourselves to elevating dealerships to their peak performance. Our mission is simple yet profound: to revolutionize the way dealerships engage with customers, drive sales, and deliver service, ensuring an unmatched customer experience at every turn.

Fully customizable training solutions

Unlock your Dealership’s Potential With AI, Virtual, or In-Person Training

Our comprehensive training solutions are designed to help dealerships maximize their lead conversion, increase revenue, and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction. With a focus on Internet sales, face-to-face interactions, and phone

Targeted Training for Sales Success

At Ingram Interactive, we specialize in training sales professionals in the automotive industry, delivering impactful solutions that boost dealership profitability. Our training modules cover a range of essential skills, including internet sales techniques, face-to-face sales mastery, and telephone appointment setting.

Revolutionize Your Service Department

In addition to sales training, we also provide comprehensive training for your service department. Our programs focus on empowering service advisors to maximize their upselling potential, enhance customer interactions, and create a business development center to handle inbound and outbound calls.

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Client Breakthroughs -Elevating Sales and Service Excellence

#1 Dealership In the World

BDC Training for both Sales and Service

#1 in the Nation

Trained the sales department on Road to the Sale, Internet Process Phone Handling, bdc training, sales improvement

#1 in the State

Trained the entire sales department to handle the phones, Internet, and floor sales effectively.  for sales improvement

#1 in Orange County

Buena Park: increased ranking to TOP 10 in the nation.  Increased from number 12. Trained Sales and bdc training

#1 in San Diego County

Carlsbad: Increased ranking to #38 in the nation.  Increased from number 42. Trained Sales and Built Internet Department / BDC training sales improvement

Up 200% Year over Year

Redlands – Inland Empire

Trained Sales, Internet and BDC training sales improvement

#1 in the Nation

Anaheim: Improved Regional Ranking to #1 in the Nation from #12 in the region. Trained for sales improvement and Internet Department Improvement

300% Improvement

Increased internet close rate was: 3.5%, Now: 11%, Replaced the Internet Dept with a BDC  and facilitated bdc training

500% Improvement

Increased internet close rate was: 1.9%, Now: 10%, Replaced the Internet Dept with a BDC

333% Improvement

Fresno: Increased internet close rate, was: 3.6%, Now: 12.4%, Trained Sales and Internet Department

Ranking #1 in the Region

Improved Regional Ranking to #1 from #9 Trained Sales and Internet Department

370% Improvement

Fresno: Increased internet close rate, was: 3.5%, Now: 13.1%, Trained Sales and Internet Department

37% Phone Close

Orange Coast Nissan Trained the entire sales department to handle the phones effectively.  The store rose 6 spots in the regional ranking sales improvement

360% Improvement

Increased internet close rate, was: 4.0%, Now: 14.4%, Trained Sales and Internet Department sales improvement

Increased Internet Close Rate

Increased Internet Close Rate, was: 2.7%, Now: 8.4%

Increased Internet Sales

Maserati / Alfa Romeo:

Improved Regional, Improved Internet Sales, Trained Sales and Internet Department

150% Service Drive Increase

Increased Service Appointments and Revenue wihtin 90 days  Added a 3 person Service BDC

118% Service Drive Increase

 Increased Service Appointments and Revenue wihtin 90 days Added a 2 person Service BDC 

Places we Have Trained

Improve your dealership's Sales and Service Departments

Experience You Can Count On

Are you looking for a way to increase your dealership’s phone sales? If so, you must invest in our dealership phone training program.

Our program is designed to teach your sales team how to effectively answer phone calls, qualify leads, and close deals. We will cover everything from cold calling to building rapport to closing the sale.

In addition to our training program, we also offer one-on-one coaching with our experienced sales experts. This will give your team the personalized attention they need to succeed.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our dealership phone training program:

  • Increased phone sales
  • Improved lead qualification
  • Higher closing rates
  • More satisfied customers

If you’re serious about increasing your dealership’s phone sales, you must invest in our program. Contact us today to learn more.

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