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Ingram Interactive is a full service training company.  We can assist you both variable and fixed operations within your dealership.

We can increase performance in:

Sales      Internet      Service      Finance      CSI

Are you looking to Improve YOUR

Internet Requests to sold deals?

Phone calls to Sold deals?

Walk in Ups to Sold deals?

Service Drive Hours per R/O?

Customer Satisfaction scores?

Phone calls to vehicles serviced?

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Do you want to supercharge your BDC?

Why Us?

When it comes to Improving your business, you must select your Business mentors based on what they have done in their career, and what they have done for their clients.   When it comes to choosing our clients, we’re just as choosy as you should be.. 

Our Experience

After 20+ years of mastering the sales game, we decided to shift our focus into helping others convert more deals.  Now, we share our passion by helping others. With both Virtual and Classroom training options available.